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.Moscow, Russia
President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday delivered his annual state of the nation address. (Photo Credit: AP / PTI)

  • Russian President Putin addressed 5 points regarding Russia's current state
  • Tensions between Moscow and the West have soared over jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny
  • Climate change also a threatening massive financial cost to Russia

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
US President Biden had called Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, “a killer” with Putin wishing him good health. (Photo Credit: AP/PTI File)

  • Putin offered public talks to the US President “without any delay” that was turned down by the USA
  • Bilateral relations have nosedived after Washington made allegations of repeat Russian interference in the US elections in 2016 and 2020
  • Biden has threatened to impose newer sanctions after the Russian involvement is proved

.Moscow, Russia
Alexei Navalny Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny . (AP/PTI Photo)

  • Alexei Navalny was given a two-and-a-half year sentence at a facility in Vladimir region, about 200 kilometres east of Moscow
  • He was convicted of violating parole while in Germany as he recovered from a poisoning attack
  • "We have 100% information that Navalny arrived in the Vladimir region to serve his sentence," an official confirmed

.Moscow, Russia
The Arctic holds huge oil and gas reserves that are being eyed by Russia and other countries. (Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Video published by the Russian space agency showed the Soyuz blaster launching against grey skies
  • The monitoring system will need at least two satellites to operate properly
  • Economic exploitation of the Arctic is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's key goals.

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during a event on the sixth anniversary of opposition politician Boris Mentov's murder. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • Boris Nemtsov, a vocal opponent of President Vladimir Putin, was killed on a Moscow bridge in 2015
  • Blinken said: We remain deeply troubled by Russia's growing intolerance
  • Blinken paid tribute to Nemtsov as a man who "dedicated his life to building a free and democratic Russia."

.Moscow, Russia
Alexei Navalny will remain jailed. (Credit: Instagram / @ navalny)P

  • Judge Dmitry Balashov dismissed Navalny's appeal of a decision to hand him a prison sentence
  • Navalny was ordered on February 2 to serve two years and eight months for breaching his parole terms
  • He described the legal process to jail him "absurd"

.Moscow, Russia
Andrei Myagkov was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) in 1938. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • Myagkov has starred in he biggest classics of Soviet cinema including the 1976 romantic comedy, 'The Irony of Fate'
  • Andrei Myagkov played more than 50 roles on screen and on stage
  • Cause of death is not clear yet

.Moscow, Russia
Alexei Navalny was taken into police custody immediately after returning to Moscow in January from Germany. (Photo Credit: AP/PTI)

  • Navalny faces defamation charges for referring to a World War II veteran as a traitor
  • He said that "every moment of this case is obvious legal nonsense"
  • Navalny's  arrest sparked two consecutive weekends of nationwide protests demanding his release

.Moscow, Russia
Alexei Navalny has spurred Russian politics. (Photo Credit: Instagram/navalny)

  • Small groups of up to several dozen people were seen staging pro-Navalny flash mobs in cities
  • The new forms of opposition rallies in Russia are similar to human chains
  • Navalny was arrested and jailed upon returning to Russia last month

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Elon Musk's tweet can be assumed as an endorsement of Clubhouse that has recently gained popularity. (Photo Credit : Instagram/Elon Musk)

  • Elon Musk said it would be an honour for him to speak with Vladimir Putin
  • The motive behind Musk's sudden invitation is still unclear
  • Celebs such as Drake, Kevin Hart, Oprah, Jared Leto, and Ashton Kutcher are regular on Clubhouse