#World War

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel died on January 10, 1971 at 9:00 pm. (Photo: AFP)

  • The 87-year-old was working on a new collection at the time, which was shown two weeks after her death
  • Many in France accused her of collaboration with the Nazis during World War Two
  • Chanel had spent the war at the Ritz with her lover

.Moscow, Russia
George Blake died aged 97, on Saturday. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • George Blake, although a British spy, started working for USSR in the 1950s
  • He switched sides after witnessing US bombings against civilian population during the Korean War
  • Five years to his 42 years jail term in Britain, he broke out of jail and escaped to the USSR 

.Florida, USA
World War 2 veteran Martin Adler now lives in Florida.(Representational image/Pixabay)

  • Martin Adler had entered the Naldi family home in the village of Monterenzio in 1944
  • Two little girls and a boy emerged before they could shoot and the soldiers broke into smiles
  • This week they had an emotional reunion with Adler over a video conference call

.Frankfurt, Germany
Nearly 13,000 residents were evacuated in Frankfurt on Sunday as experts defused an unexploded World War II bomb. (Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • The 500-kilogramme (1,100-pound) British bomb had been found on a construction site in Frankfurt
  • A 700-metre (half-mile) evacuation radius was set up in the west of the city centre
  • Some 75 years after the war, Germany remains littered with unexploded ordnance

.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Keshav Narhar Bapat joined the Central Railway in 1951. (Photo Credit: Unsplash/Picture representative)

  • Indian Railways' oldest living rail guard turned 100 on November 21
  • Keshav Bapat worked at the Central Railway from 1951 to 1978
  • The railway officials doubled his pension as a goodwill gesture on his 100th birthday

.Nuremberg, Germany
In the first Nuremberg trail, 21 high-ranking representatives of the Nazi party were tried. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • A small commemorative event was held to mark the 75th anniversary of Nuremberg trials
  • Nuremberglaid the foundation for a global criminal justice system
  • Nuremberg, a German city, was destroyed in the Second world war

.Washington D.C., DC, USA
US Veterans Day falls on November 11 every year. (Image Credits: Twitter @SecWilkie)

  • The Veterans Day celebrates and extends gratitude for everyone who has served in the armed forces
  • The tradition began on the final day of World War 1 when Germany conceded America’s victory in 1918
  • The Veterans Day in India is celebrated on January 15 in relation with Army day.

.Jeddah Saudi Arabia
The annual ceremony commemorating the end of World War I was attended by several consulates, including that of France. (Photo Credit: AFP)

  • The blast came as French President Emmanuel Macron attended a WWI memorial ceremony in Paris
  • Several countries are marking the 102nd anniversary of the armistice signed to end the war
  • Last month, a Saudi citizen with a knife injured a guard at the French consulate in Jeddah

.Warsaw, Poland
A bouy marks the site of a Second World War 'Tallboy' bomb near a ferry crossing in the Piast Canal (Kanal Piastowski), near Swinoujscie, northwestern Poland. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • The device was dropped by the Royal Air Force in an attack on a Nazi warship in 1945
  • It was nicknamed "Tallboy" and also known as an "earthquake bomb"
  • The navy had said earlier it had ruled out the traditional option of a controlled explosion

.New York, NY, USA
The report also revealed that 1 in 10 respondents did not recollect ever having heard the word Holocaust before. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

  • The survey was conducted by the Claims Conference
  • It is the  first-ever 50-state survey on Holocaust knowledge
  • 11% of the respondents are of the belief that Jews caused the holocaust