Natasha Dach, an Apple employee, has come under scrutiny for recent remarks she made on social media, causing a stir and raising concerns among the public. 

Dach, who hails from Germany and currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey, has faced backlash for statements perceived as offensive.

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Who is Natasha Dach?

Natasha Dasch (x/@natashadasch)

In a series of controversial posts, Dach appeared to make statements that many have found deeply troubling. She referenced her German heritage and purported knowledge of Jewish people, touching on sensitive topics in an Instagram story , saying “for the few zionists on my list that unfollowed me or plan to lol, u guys sometimes forget that I am a proud German! I KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE: MURDERERS AND THIEVES.” 

“You sneak into countries, steal peoples lives, jobs, homes, streets, push them, bully them, torture them. And when people act on it, you call it terrorism.

You are doing this for generations. Invasion is the only thing you are capable of. You are the only terrorists, and history will note that, this time!!,” she continued. 

These statements, shared on a public platform, have drawn criticism and sparked outrage, with many users expressing their concerns directly to Apple.

Apple has yet to issue an official statement regarding the controversy, but public opinion has been clear in its condemnation of Dach’s remarks. The company is likely to face pressure to address the issue and take appropriate action in response to the public backlash.

Istanbul has been a focal point for recent rallies and demonstrations relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rallies and meetings in support of the Palestinian cause have taken place in the city, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been loud in his criticism of Israel.

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Dach’s presence in Istanbul may heighten the scrutiny of her views, as they come at a time when the city has been at the center of worldwide attention due to its role in Israeli-Palestinian issue discussions. It remains to be seen how her location will enter into the ongoing debate about her behavior, and how it will effect her position at Apple and her overall professional reputation.