In a concerning development from Lander, Wyoming, two 16-year-old boys, Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick, are reportedly on the run after making threats to carry out a shooting at a preschool in Texas. The situation has sparked a widespread law enforcement response, with the boys believed to be armed and traveling in a stolen vehicle.

According to reports, the Lander Police Department was alerted to the situation on the morning of February 8th, following a distressing communication sent by the teens to a friend, wherein they discussed their plan to “shoot up a preschool in Texas.” This alarming message has led to a heightened sense of vigilance across multiple jurisdictions, particularly as the boys are thought to be heading towards League City near Houston, Texas.

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Although their route may lead them through Amarillo, Texas, local authorities there have stated that the threat does not specify any particular daycare in the Amarillo area. Despite this, law enforcement is not taking any chances, with measures being put in place to ensure the safety of communities potentially in the path of the suspects.

The teenagers are suspected of stealing a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, along with firearms, from a garage, adding a layer of complexity and danger to the ongoing manhunt. The vehicle is described as white with a black top and a black stripe down the side, bearing Wyoming registration plates.

This incident has caused understandable concern among residents and officials alike. In response to rumors and growing public anxiety, the superintendent of Fremont County School District #1 issued a statement to clarify that while two students from Lander Valley High School are missing, reports of any direct threat to local schools in Lander have been deemed unfounded at this stage. The statement emphasized the ongoing efforts of law enforcement to locate the students and ensure the safety of all community members.

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The case of Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick represents a chilling reminder of the potential for violence that can emerge within any community. As the search continues, authorities are urging anyone with information on the whereabouts of the two teens or the stolen vehicle to come forward and assist in their apprehension before any harm can be enacted on innocent lives.