Filmmaker Rodrigo Herzog has been identified as the person who appeared in the now-viral video that was shot on May 20 at the annual American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) meeting. In the video, Herzog is seen striking a doctor and accusing him of sexually assaulting his wife in the past at an OB/GYN conference at Stony Brook University.

Who is Rodrigo Herzog?

Rodrigo Herzog is a 41-year-old Brazilian-born filmmaker based in Miami.

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Herzog and his doctor wife traveled to Baltimore for the event, where Herzog sensationally accused New York doctor William Burke of ‘touching’ his wife seven years ago when she was his student in medical school.

According to the Daily Mail, Rodrigo boldly approached the panel at an event hosted by The American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology on May 23 and slapped Burke twice in the face.

Burke, the Stony Brook University Cancer Center’s director of gynecologic oncology, had just opened the panel to audience questions on their discussion when Herzog’s wife stepped forward and pointedly questioned him about whether he adheres to industry standards surrounding sexual misconduct.

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He screamed, “This motherf***er sexually assaulted my wife seven years ago. You know what you did. You touched my wife seven years ago in New York. Don’t be an a*****e. B***h!”

Burke was accused of abusing Herzog’s wife “on the best day of her life,” when she graduated from medical school, he said.

Herzog responded to the incident later in a video posted to his Instagram account, where he retaliated against those who opposed him. He maintained his position, claiming that he was protecting his wife, who had supposedly been assaulted.

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Herzog addressed viewers saying: ‘Man, if you see a video of a man aggressively defending his own wife who was sexually assaulted and the only thing that you have to say is ”Two wrongs don’t make a right”, ”violence begets violence” or ”I would never do that”, I don’t even get sad for you, man. 

‘I get sad for your wife or your sister or your mom, who is going to see something like this and she is going to know exactly the kind of man that she has inside her house – that type of coward who disappears when something bad happens, that type of coward who defends other men, understand? Such a shame,’ he added.