Sharif Shakhshir, Senior Vice President at CALCAP Advisors, a real estate investment firm, is under intense scrutiny following the discovery of deeply disturbing anti-Semitic content on his social media platforms. The offensive posts, including an image depicting violence against a Palestinian baby and divisive statements about Israel, have ignited outrage and raised questions about the professional conduct of a high-ranking executive.

In a shocking revelation, Shakhshir’s social media accounts showcased an image of a hand adorned with a Jewish Star of David chopping a Palestinian baby in half. Accompanying this graphic imagery were statements claiming that “Israel hates Palestinians and anyone non-Jewish.” Even more troubling, Shakhshir endorsed the physical harassment of Jews, referencing an incident involving AIPAC’s President and the group ‘PeoplesCityCouncil.’

Who is Sharif Shakhshir?

Sharif Shakhshir, currently serving as Senior Vice President, Investments at CALCAP Real Estate Advisors, Inc., boasts an extensive background in investment analytics and acquisitions. With over nine years of experience within the firm, Shakhshir has played a pivotal role in conducting sophisticated underwriting analyses for potential investments, totaling over 35,000 units and $3.2 billion in market value.

His responsibilities have encompassed deal sourcing, acquisitions, strategy development, and asset and portfolio management. Shakhshir’s contributions include rebuilding legacy underwriting models, engaging in conservative acquisition disciplines that yielded substantial purchase values, and presenting high-level investment summaries for internal and external stakeholders.

However, the controversy surrounding Shakhshir extends beyond his professional career. Reports indicate his involvement in protests at Columbia University, where he advocated for legal support and safety commitments for pro-Palestinian students.

Reactions and Consequences:

The revelation of Shakhshir’s anti-Semitic posts has prompted widespread condemnation, with concerns raised about the potential impact on the workplace environment and professional relationships. As of now, CALCAP Advisors has not issued an official statement addressing the controversy, leaving the future of Shakhshir’s position uncertain.

Continued Pattern of Controversy:

This recent incident is not the first time Shakhshir has found himself in the midst of controversy. Earlier protests against alleged failures in protecting pro-Palestinian students at Columbia University also involved Shakhshir, highlighting a continued pattern of involvement in contentious situations.