Within 64 days, the US has effortlessly surpassed over 100 mass shootings in 2023. The recent mass shooting in a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, that claimed the life of 3 children and three staff members took place on 27th March, Monday. This brings into question the long-standing debate regarding gun laws in the country. 

To understand the severity of gun violence in The USA, here are the top 5 mass shootings in the US this year. 

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  1. Nashville, Tennessee

Six people- three children and three staff members were shot to death at a private Christian school in Nashville on 27th March 2023. A heavily armed woman was responsible for the shooting. She carried out her attack with a handgun and two assault rifles. The woman was immediately killed off in the subsequent police shootout. 

2. East Lansing, Michigan

The Michigan State University campus witnessed a mass shooting in two of its campus buildings on 13th February by a 43-year-old gunman. He killed three students, while five others were wounded in the process. As per reports, the man had no connection to the university, or the people shot and died by committing suicide through a self-inflicted gunshot. 

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3. Memphis, Tennessee 

A total of 20 people were shot during a mass shooting in Memphis. On 19th February, Sunday, 11 people were in two different locations. This was soon followed by another shooting on the Monday of 26th February, where five people were gunned down at a gas station in Memphis. It claimed the life of 4 people, while the other twenty were admitted to critical care. Two men have been arrested, with no suspect found for the recent shooting.

4. Tate County, Mississippi

17th February this year witnessed a mass shooting in multiple locations of Mississippi by a 52-year-old armed man. The first shot was fired at a store in his hometown in Arkabutla. He shot and killed six people, including his ex-wife and his two siblings, who were senior citizens. 

5. Half Moon Bay, California

In an intentional targeting of victims, a 67-year-old man working on a farm in Half Moon Bay shot seven people. He targeted the farm he worked and another farm where he was an employee. The shooting led to one person sustaining life-threatening wounds.