A massive 4-alarm fire was being battled by multiple firefighters in Buffalo’s Theatre District Wednesday with reports of one firefighter being unaccounted for. One of the firefighters was unaccounted for in the blaze after crews responded to the area of 745 Main Street around 10 a.m.

Heavy thick smoke could be seen engulfing the area with officials saying a large explosion that reportedly knocked over a few firefighters while they tried to douse out the blaze.

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Forty pieces of equipment were used to fight the fire. A spokesperson said that there was a partial collapse of the commercial building. When it comes to the missing firefighter, contact was lost with the individual after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, from Engine 2 on Elmwood Avenue and Virginia Street, since the collapse.

Authorities are not giving up hope of the firefighter being alive. Other firefighters are working to extinguish the fire and to recover him. The firefighter’s name has not been released.

Downtown Buffalo was covered with smoke after the fire for much of the morning and early afternoon. som eof the streets that were closed after the fire was the main road leading from Virginia to Chippewa, Virginia to Chippewa in Washington, Pearl to Ellicott in Tupper, and main to Tupper in Pearl.

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Those traveling in the area were advised by Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and the Buffalo Police Department to avoid the 700 block of Main Street.

Governor Kathy Hochul said: “My team is in communication with local emergency officials regarding the large fire in downtown Buffalo. Residents should exercise caution and follow local guidance. Thinking of the brave first responders of the Buffalo Fire Department as they work to contain this fire.”