Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist and radio host, was asked to pay $965 million by a Connecticut court to those who suffered due to his false claim that the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting was a hoax. The verdict was pronounced on Wednesday in a lawsuit filed by family members of nine victims who were killed in the September 2012 mass shootings.

Jones was promoting the idea that the massacre never happened and the crying people who were seen in the footage from that day were actors hired as a plot to take away guns from the people. 

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He is a right-wing radio host known for his show Infowar, which was later renamed and syndicated as the Alex Jones Show.

He has hosted Donald Trump on the show and has been a vocal supporter of the former president throughout. He also is under investigation for his role in the January 6 Capitol Hill riots. 

Now 48, gun rights is Jones’ most prominent advocacy agenda, and spreading false claims about the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting is believed to be a part of that.

Jones is married to Erica Wullf Jones, a yoga instructor, since 2017.

Earlier, he was married to Kelly Rebecca Nichols, an animal rights activist associated with PETA from 2007 to 2015.  

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He has three children with Nichols and one with Erica Wullf Jones. The names of his children are not public and only partial information is available on them. His eldest son, Rex Jones, has worked with him on his radio show.

Teddy, five, Kit, two, and newborn Annie with Wullf Jones are his other three children on whom information is available.

In 2017, Kelly Rebecca Nichols was given sole custody of their three children after she claimed in a court case that Jones is “not a stable person”. Earlier, Nichols had reported domestic violence against Alex Jones. She was represented in the custody case by Democrat lawyer Adam Schiff.