Joe Biden’s task of economic reparation is going to be hard as the US on Thursday
registered 140,000 job losses in December 2020 but what’s going to be harder is
to build the shocking gender gap that comes with it as all those jobs were held
by women.

A detailed data on CNN revealed that women lost around 156,000 jobs in December, while men
gained 16,000 in the pandemic-crippled month, and as much as one can find these figures appalling as it perfectly backs the bleak condition of gender disparities in the US.

Meanwhile, a separate survey of households assessed by CNN unveils a pinch of racial discrimination in these job losses as well, a practice long rooted in American minds. The survey highlighted that Blacks and Latinas lost more jobs in December, while White women made significant gains, according to CNN.

Among women, Latinas currently have the highest unemployment rate at 9.1%, followed by Black women at 8.4%. White women have the lowest unemployment rate at 5.7%.  

The analysis under question includes insights given by self-employed workers.

Now, this does not implicate that men were not hit by the coronavirus pandemic at all, men lost their jobs in December, too, but when assessed together as a group, the number of women at the receiving end of the lay outs were significantly higher than men.

Overall, women are still down 5.4 million jobs from February, before the pandemic began, as compared to 4.4 million job losses for men. They started 2020 on roughly equal footing, with women holding 50.03% of jobs, but ended it holding 860,000 fewer jobs than their male peers.

Notably, one of the key factors contributing to this gender drift is the industries concerned. Reportedly, some of the worst impacted sectors are leisure, hospitality while the private education sector was partially impacted– largely dominated by women, thus more job losses for women.

The job gains on the other hand, as per November figures were also revised up to 336,000, about 90,000 more than originally reported.