Austin North, known for his role in the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks,” was arrested this week in Las Vegas following a chaotic incident at a local hospital, as per TMZ. The actor is accused of attacking several emergency room staff members at UMC Hospital, necessitating restraint and leading to his subsequent arrest.

The altercation, as detailed in a police report obtained by TMZ, occurred on Tuesday night. Las Vegas police were called to the scene after receiving reports of an assault and battery within the hospital’s emergency room. Upon arrival, officers conducted interviews with the alleged victims, including two nurses and a phlebotomist, who reported a sudden and unprovoked attack by North.

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The victims’ accounts describe a scene of violence where North allegedly engaged in physical aggression without any apparent provocation. He is accused of punching a nurse in the head, shoving another nurse’s face, and pushing the phlebotomist into a table. In a bid for self-defense, the phlebotomist reportedly used a nearby tray to strike North on the head.

Security personnel at the hospital managed to restrain North, who allegedly assaulted another individual during the commotion, although the police report does not specify the victim’s role within the hospital. Following the altercation, North was handcuffed to a gurney, read his Miranda rights, and subsequently arrested on charges of gross misdemeanor battery.

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After the arrest, North was taken to jail, where he was booked and later released on bond. His mug shot was taken during the booking process. The circumstances leading up to North’s presence in the emergency room, as well as the reasons behind his aggressive behavior, remain unclear and were not addressed in the initial reports.

In the days leading up to the incident, North had been documenting his activities in Las Vegas on social media, posting a compilation of his weekend escapades. This documentation presents a stark contrast to the serious allegations he now faces.