Barron Trump, the youngest son of former President Donald Trump, turned 17 on Monday, March 20. Throughout Trump’s presidency, his teenage son had been thrust into the limelight for various reasons including being the target of taunt.

At one point, former first lady Melania Trump even lashed out at media personalities and other public figures who made comments and cracked jokes about Barron, saying that a “minor child” should be off-limits from scrutiny and “hate.” The limelight shifted off Barron after his father was defeated in the 2020 election by President Joe Biden and the entire family moved to Florida.

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However, the focus seems to be back on his last year, after Trump held an event at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, to announce that he sought reelection, officially declaring his candidacy for the 2023 presidential election. While Ivanka Trump chose to stay away from the event, Barron was a highly visible presence at the event to publicly stand by the twice-impeached former president.

Barron Trump height

Even in the Mar-a-Lago event, Barron Trump towered over the entire crowd, standing reportedly at 6 feet, 7 inches. His growth spurt became the talk of the town when his father occupied the White House. He was rarely seen out in the public so every time the media got to photograph him at intervals, he seemed to have grown taller. Although he was much shorter than his father when Donald Trump assumed office, by the end of his 4-year term, Barron had surpassed his father in height. Donald Trump is 6 feet, 3 inches.

Barron Trump Soccer

Barron Trump is a long-time lover of soccer. He went from being an Arsenal Football Club fan to playing for the DC United’s under-12 and Arlington Soccer Association’s under-14 teams.

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Playing the perfect soccer dad, Trump did not lose the opportunity to talk his son up to Gianni Infantino, the president of Fifa, in August 2018 when he visited the White House. He shared an anecdote about how Barron influenced his thinking. “When my son heard [Infantino] was going to be here, he said, ‘Dad, I’d like to meet him,’” Trump recounted. “Barron loves soccer. And soccer has to be one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.”

Where does Barron Trump go to school?

Barron Trump goes to Oxbridge Academy, in Palm Beach, Florida,  in 2021, where he enrolled after his father left office. Oxbridge Academy is a private school that was founded in 2011 by billionaire William Koch. According to its website, the tuition fee for Oxbridge’s high school in the 2021-2022 school year is $34,800.

A spokesperson for the elite school announced that Barron, then 15, had enrolled as part of the class of 2024. “We look forward to welcoming him into our school and community,” the school’s Director of Advancement Scott Siegfried said.