Ben Lanzarone, a revered figure in the music industry and husband to actress Ilene Graff, has died. Known for his immense talent as a composer, Lanzarone’s contributions to music were celebrated widely, earning him accolades such as ASCAP’s Most Performed Composer Award.

His marriage to Ilene Graff, a partnership that flourished both personally and professionally since 1977, was blessed with a daughter, Nikka Graff Lanzarone. Lanzarone’s legacy is marked not just by his musical achievements but also by his profound impact on those around him.

Cause of Death, Age, Wife Ilene Graff, Career and More

Cause of Death: Lanzarone’s cause of death was attributed to lung complications, marking the end of a storied career that spanned several decades and left an indelible mark on the music and entertainment industry.

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Age: At the time of his passing, Ben Lanzarone was 85 years old, having been born on October 28, 1938. His life and career were characterized by a passion for music that knew no bounds, influencing many through his compositions and arrangements.

Wife Ilene Graff: Lanzarone’s wife, Ilene Graff, is an accomplished actress and singer, best known for her role on the classic ‘80s sitcom “Mr. Belvedere.” The couple met during the Broadway run of “Grease,” where Lanzarone served as conductor and pianist. Their partnership extended beyond their marriage as Lanzarone often took on the role of musical director, arranger, and accompanist for Graff’s performances. Together, they created the Grammy-nominated album “Baby’s Broadway Lullabies,” a testament to their collaborative spirit and shared love for music.

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Career: Over his illustrious career, Ben Lanzarone’s talent as a composer and pianist saw him working across various platforms, from Broadway productions to television scores. He was the musical force behind numerous shows and was celebrated for his ability to bring a unique flair to his compositions, earning him the title of ASCAP’s Most Performed Composer. His work not only earned him critical acclaim but also the admiration and respect of his peers in the industry.