‘Boycott Meet The Press’ started trending on social media before former President Donald Trump was scheduled to go on the NBC show for an interview on Sunday morning.

Here are some of the reactions on X, formerly known as Twitter:

As for the interview itself, Trump made a slew of false and misleading comments about immigration, foreign policy, abortion, and more in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Kristen Welker that aired Sunday morning.

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“I have all the facts,” he said at one point. He also falsely claimed that the 2020 election was rigged and that he had evidence of the same.

Trump claimed there were “millions of illegal immigrants coming into our country, flooding our cities, flooding the countryside. I think the number is going to be 15 million people by the time you end this, by the end of this year. I think the real number is going to be 15 million people.”

Trump also said there was a surge in terrorists crossing the border, referring to the southern border. “I saw some statistics and it said in 2019, there were no terrorists. They caught no terrorists,” he said. “And now this year, it’s a record number like they’ve never seen before.”

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Despite extensive proof that the 2020 election was not tarnished by fraudulent voting, Trump said more than a dozen times in his interview that the election was “rigged.” “If this were ever before a court, we would win so easy. There is so much evidence that the election was rigged,” he said at one point.

He also claimed that he’d like to further lower corporate tax rates but said he wanted more income first.

“You have to get some income coming in. You know, when I lowered taxes, we took in more revenue,” Trump said. “When I lowered taxes, I cut taxes tremendously, created tremendous jobs, but more importantly, we had more revenue with lower taxes than we did with higher taxes.”

In an article reviewing the interview, NBC News said, it “has also extended an invitation to President Joe Biden to sit down with Welker for an interview.”