Frank James, who was named as a suspect in the shooting incident that took place on a Brooklyn subway car in New York City on Tuesday, has been taken into custody. Twenty-nine people were injured, including 10 who were shot.

Late Tuesday, the New York Police Department named the suspect saying that he is a man of heavy build, wearing a neon orange vest and a gray sweater. The suspect was at large at the time.

Police said that James, 62, had rented a U-Haul van in Philadelphia, according to the New York Times. Other items, such as a Glock 9-millimeter handgun, three ammunition magazines, a hatchet, fireworks and a liquid believed to be gasoline, were also found at the scene.

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The morning of Tuesday turned out to be a nightmare for those living in New York City as the attacker shot multiple rounds at commuters. Thankfully, no one suffered life-threatening injures.

It remains unclear when and where the suspect was taken into custody, according to the New York Post.

Before the attack, the suspect posted several rambling conspiracy-laden YouTube videos, slamming the city’s mental health services, complaining about race issues and speaking violently against people he believes wronged him. He also ranted against NYC Mayor Eric Adams, where he claims a race war will follow the Ukraine conflict.

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“It’s just a matter of time before these white motherf—— decide, ‘Hey listen, enough is enough, these n—— got to go,” he says.

“And what are you going to do? You gonna fight. And guess what you gonna die. Cause unlike President [Volodymyr Zelensky] over in Ukraine, nobody has your back. The whole world is against you. And you’re against your f—— self, so why should you be alive again is the f—— question. Why should a n—– be alive on this planet, besides to pick cotton or chop sugar cane or tobacco.”