Former New Jersey governor and current Republican presidential hopeful, Chris Christie, was branded ‘White Lizzo’ on social media by conservative podcaster Joey Mannarino, for which the latter received a ton of backlash.

“White Lizzo, also known as Chris Christie, took a trip to Ukraine and presented Zelenskyy with blue and yellow flowers. In case you were wondering what kind of a Republican Chris is, it’s the type that would continue the national sucking-off of Zelenskyy. Why is it that Chris wants to continue to take American tax dollars and send them to Ukraine? Let’s be real. He doesn’t care about that part. Chris is there for the borshch, varenyky, holubtsi, Chicken Kyiv, banosh, and syrnyky. Chris is there for the crazy lunch festival that I’m sure Zelenskyy is going to provide. If Chris was serious about winning the GOP primary, rather than eating his heart out with Zelenskyy he’d be denouncing every dollar that we’ve sent to this war of NATO aggression. Chris Christie is not the guy we need right now… and with those flowers in hand, we don’t EVER need him,” Mannarino wrote on Twitter along with a picture of Christie holding flowers.

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Later, in a series of tweets, Mannarino stated, “Honestly, did Chris Christie eat Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger? He has become 100% a neocon RINO. The guy walked into Ukraine with blue and yellow flowers for Zelenskyy. Is he trying to be the new head of NAFO, the online Ukraine simp group? I think we need to get “White Lizzo” trending.”

His wish soon became a reality as White Lizzo started trending on Twitter. It was quite apparent that the phrase was meant to be a taunt to body-shame Christie. People on social media also started calling Mannarino racist for using Lizzo, the famous Black singer’s name to put down Christie.

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Mannarino did not stop there. He boasted, “Me getting Chris Christie to trend on Twitter as White Lizzo is the most traction his entire Presidential campaign has gotten so far. Have a snackbar, or a pack of them, Chris! You earned it. At this rate maybe your poll numbers will reach your BMI!”

He was also defiant about the use of the phrase even after receiving backlash from the online community. “I just was informed that me, a white man, calling Chris Christie, another white man, the name ‘White Lizzo’ is highly racist. I’ve been asked to apologize. I will not be apologizing,” he wrote.