A massive fire at an auto repair shop in Cleveland’s Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood drew dozens of firemen to the scene.

Around 10:30 am on Tuesday, crews were called to the vicinity of East 145th Street and Kinsman Avenue. There were more than 50 firefighters on the scene.

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“222 Alarm at Kinsman/E.145 in 5th Battalion. Began as fire in Auto Repair Shop. Multiple explosions and fire extended to neighboring occupied house. 11 #CLEFIRE Companies on scene. Over 50 firefighters. Crews making progress. No injuries reported,” the fire department tweeted.

According to Cleveland firemen, there was one primary explosion and three follow-up bursts from propane tanks inside the structure.

Firefighters said that a nearby occupied residence was also affected by the fire.

Following the incident, a dog that fled from that house was later saved and returned to its owner.

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According to authorities, Tuesday morning saw commercial operations at the Will’s Tire Shop building. Since the incident, the owner has been in touch with the fire department. Police say there have been no reports of victims or injuries.

According to Cleveland Fire, it began as a fire in the tire shop. They claim that there were numerous propane tank explosions and a fire that spread to a nearby occupied residence, which suffered significant damage.

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As teams looked inside, Cleveland Division of Fire Lt. Mike Norman said it was unclear whether anyone was present when the explosion occurred.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Officials are asking people to avoid the neighbourhood.

The airbags on the vehicle belonging to Battalion 5 were triggered by a subsequent explosion. What prompted this explosion is also unknown.