#LookingAtYouCNN started trending on Twitter hours ahead of the network’s already scheduled town hall with former President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, former president Donald Trump was found liable for sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll in his battery and defamation trial but not raping her. As a result of the verdict, Carroll was awarded $5 million in damages.

The verdict did nothing to change plans for a presidential town hall that CNN had announced that the network will be hosting a week back. The town hall featuring Trump is still scheduled to air at 9 pm ET today at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire.

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With the 2024 presidential election underway, it is obvious that Trump will be looking to stress on his agenda for the second term that he is seeking in the White House to attract as many voters as possible. The Republican presidential candidate who is still a part-favorite and is slated to bag the primary, will take questions from the moderator, CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins and a live audience of New Hampshire.

Twitter was flooded with requests from users to urge CNN to cancel the townhall after the Carroll verdict. Here are a few reactions:

“@CNN is promoting and endorsing a sexual abuser and predator. It wasn’t that long ago trump attacked CNN called them fake news and would tell his cult to assault their journalists, and he would pay their legal bills. @CNN the new Fascist propaganda network. #LookingAtYouCNN” one of the Twitter users wrote, while another commented, “Sexual abuser, defamed, traitor, liar, and unrepentant about all of it. Why give him a platform to double down on it? #LookingAtYouCNN”

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A third said, “If you proceed with this town hall, you will forever be tied to supporting and elevating Sexual Abuser Donald J. Trump #LookingAtYouCNN.” Another user tweeted, “Trump will now have to declare his sex offender status when entering other countries. Not a great look for the “leader of the free world”, is it? Canada won’t let him in. This is the very BEST that the GOP can put forward? really? Jesus fucking Christ! #lookingAtYouCNN.”

One more said, “#LookingAtYouCNN #TrumpVerdict #TrumpisLiable CNN: No quarter for sex offenders. When the statute of limitations for criminal charges lapsed, E. Jean Carroll sought civil justice. The jury has spoken. Stop the show.”