Two individuals lost their lives, and five others sustained injuries following a shooting incident at an after-hours motorcycle club in Denver.

Over the weekend, two men were killed and five other individuals were injured in a shooting at an after-hours motorcycle club in Denver. The incident happened on Sunday at about 3 a.m. outside the Hell’s Lovers Motorcycle Club. The Denver Police Department is actively investigating the issue.

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According to Lt. Matt Clark of the Denver Police Department, the incident featured the firing of at least two guns, resulting in several injuries and a chaotic scene. Clark stated that investigators are looking into the likelihood that some of those hit by gunfire were armed and discharged their own firearms.

Witnesses in the area reported hearing roughly 20 gunshots in the early hours, which they initially mistaken for fireworks. Following the initial volley of gunfire, there was a momentary silence followed by wild shouts and people fleeing the scene in their cars. 

According to Denver police, two of the five people injured have been released from the hospital, while the other three are expected to recover from their injuries.

No arrests had been made in connection with the incident as of early Monday afternoon. SWAT officers, on the other hand, were seen escorting five males out of the club, three of whom were handcuffed.

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Denver police are actively seeking new witnesses to help with their investigation and understand the chain of events that led to the deadly incident. The gunshot happened near the intersection of East 33rd Avenue and Hudson Street, but exact details about what happened are few at this moment.

The Hell’s Lovers Motorcycle Club, described as a “one percenter” organization, was the location of the incident. Such groups, as per the National Library of Medicine’s definition, are considered the 1% of motorcycle gangs that do not adhere to laws and regulations. The Denver chapter of the “Hell’s Lovers” had previously faced arrests on federal firearms and drug charges in January 2012.