In a surprising turn of events, former President Donald Trump is reportedly considering a visit to Congress next week, with the intention of potentially positioning himself as the next Speaker of the House. This development, if it materializes, is bound to create quite the stir and intense reactions across the political spectrum.

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Inside sources from the Republican camp, privy to internal deliberations, have disclosed Trump’s openness to the idea of assuming the role of Speaker. This revelation closely follows Trump’s statement to the press, where he expressed a willingness to undertake such a responsibility if it were in the best interest of the nation.

Trump’s exact words were, “A lot of people have asked me about it… My focus is totally on [the election]. If I can help them during the process, I would do it.” This statement underscores Trump’s apparent dedication to the electoral process, while also hinting at a potential foray into a different realm of political influence.

If Trump were to pursue this course of action, it would mark a significant departure from traditional norms, as Speakers of the House are typically elected from among sitting members of Congress. This prospect highlights Trump’s unorthodox approach to politics, as well as his desire to remain a central figure in American governance.

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The notion of a former president assuming the role of Speaker is unprecedented, and the potential implications of such a move are vast. It would undoubtedly reshape the political landscape and introduce a new dynamic into the workings of Congress. As discussions unfold, the nation watches with bated breath to see if Donald Trump will indeed make a historic bid for the Speakership.

Among these speculations, Trump confirmed that he would be running for President and visit Congress only to help select the new Speaker of the House.