Donald Trump on a trip to South Carolina stopped at the Palmetto State Armory with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to look at the various guns for purchase on Monday.

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The former president reportedly even thought about buying a Glock pistol with his picture on the grip. Trump also posed holding a special gun known as the “Trump edition,” which features his image on the handle and the words “Trump 45” on the chamber. Trump was seen with Jamin McCallum, the company’s creator, and Julian Wilson, who is also an owner of Palmetto State Armory, in pictures and videos posted on social media.

“I intend to purchase one. Trump looked over the weapon and said, “I want to get one. He praised the Glock, saying, “Isn’t Glock a great gun?”

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung posted the conversation on social media and first claimed that Trump had made the purchase. The former president did not actually complete the transaction, Cheung later stated.

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The legality of the deal would have come under scrutiny if Trump had gone through and bought the Glock.

Federal law forbids the purchase of weapons by anyone who has been charged with a felony, including Trump, who is now under investigation by the Justice Department on a number of counts.

Notably, several federal judges have expressed the opinion that this regulation might not be consistent with constitutional standards. In such a case, Trump might argue against this matter in court.

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In South Carolina, a buyer of a handgun must either have a concealed carry permit or submit to an immediate background check.

Trump examined the Glock G19 Gen4 Compact “Trump” edition 9mm pistol, Threaded Barrel, which has a retail price of $829.00 on the Palmetto State Armory website and took pictures with it during his visit.