Hollywood icon Leonardo DiCaprio
is an actor best known for his edgy, unconventional roles. He started out his
on-screen career in television before moving on to film, scoring an Oscar
nomination for his role in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ (1993). In 1997,
DiCaprio starred in James Cameron’s epic drama ‘Titanic’, which made him a heartthrob for an entire generation.
In 2016, he won the best actor Oscar for his role in ‘The Revenant’.

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The 47-year-old is now set for a rollicking
2021 and 2022 as he gets ready for the release of movies of different genres.
Here is the list of Leonardo DiCaprio movies coming out in the near future:

Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up is labelled as “Based on real
events that haven’t happened…yet.” The film follows two astronomers from
Michigan State University, grad student Dr. Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence)
and her tenured professor Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio). When the two
make the startling discovery that a giant asteroid is heading directly towards
Earth and will eliminate all life.

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Obviously, the two need to warn the world
about humanity’s impending extinction and team with NASA scientist Dr. Teddy
Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan) to inform the US government. Unluckily for them (and
really the rest of the world), the US President is Janie Orlean (Meryll
Streep), a narcissistic woman who cares more about her self-image rather than
running the country.

Release date: 10 December 2021

Killers Of The Flower Moon

The movie is based on a book by the same
name by journalist David Grann. The book tells the story of a series of murders
that shook the oil-wealthy Native American community in the 1920s. This era
came to be known as the ‘Reign of Terror’. The astonishing passing of Mollie’s
sister launched the first major investigation into the killing spree. As far as
Killers Of The Flower Moon cast is concerned, Jesse Plemons will be seen as Tom
White, the lead FBI agent who is in charge of investigating the killings.

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It is believed that the part of the
detective was meant for DiCaprio, but rewrites in the script made him gravitate
towards Ernest. Robert De Niro also stars as Ernest’s uncle, a powerful local

Release Date: 2022

The Black Hand

Leonardo DiCaprio will star in and produce
an adaptation of Stephan Talty’s book “The Black Hand” for Paramount Pictures.

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The true story about the origins of the
mafia in America follows Joe Petrosino — nicknamed the “Italian Sherlock
Holmes” — a New York cop who goes after the ruthless gang in the early 1900s.
The thugs (with the calling card black hand) migrated from Italy to America and kidnapped people to extort money from their families. They were loathed by
law-abiding Italian families who were frightened but nevertheless helped
Petrosino behind the scenes.


The 2016 best actor Oscar winner for The
Revenant is attached to play Roosevelt, the 26th US president, in a film to be
directed by Martin Scorsese, with whom he’s already done five movies (The Wolf
of Wall Street, The Departed, Shutter Island, Gangs of New York and The
Aviator). DiCaprio also is in talks to star in a biopic about Grant, the Civil
War hero and the 18th president, to be directed by Steven Spielberg, with whom
the actor collaborated on Catch Me If You Can.

Release Date: July 14, 2023