A magnitude 3.5 earthquake was recorded in San Francisco Bay Area on Tuesday morning, at 6:01 am.

The earthquake was centered in Pacifica, along an area of the coastal city. It impacted the San Andreas fault and was strong enough to be felt near San Francisco International Airport. The earthquake was closely followed by at least two aftershocks, each of magnitude 2.6, which were detected 2 minutes apart from the original tremor.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, residents living in the vicinity of the airport could feel light shaking. The impact was enough to make someone feel a vehicle striking a building.

The epicenter was about 12 miles southwest of downtown San Francisco and five miles west of San Francisco International Airport. The quake was also felt in San Mateo, Palo Alto, San Jose, and the East Bay.

There were no reports of damage to buildings or injuries. Just before the earthquakes, the Bay Area was impacted by strong winds and heavy showers CBS San Francisco reported. Heavy snow and strong rain were also seen in California in recent weeks.