Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced CEO of Theranos found guilty of fraud in a January hearing, appealed for a new trial after a key witness in the case visited her at her home. However, a federal court on Monday denied her appeal saying that the witness’s visit was not a good enough reason to give her another chance to avoid a prison sentence.  

The order was issued by US District Judge Edward Davila, and it would mean that Holmes will not be up for up to 20 years in prison and separation from her one-year-old son. 

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Monday’s hearing came in the light of remorseful remarks made by former Theranos lab director Dr. Adam Rosendorff, who is a key witness to testify against Holmes last year. Rosendorff claimed that he had visited Homes at her home for 10-minutes which led to allegations of misconduct on the trial as a whole.

However, Judge Davilla, in her 15-judgement, rebuffed the motion saying that Rosendorff “tried to answer the questions honestly but that the prosecutors tried to make everyone look bad” and felt “he had done something wrong.”

“The court finds Dr. Rosendorff’s statements under oath to be credible,” she concluded in the ruling.

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Along with the motion for the new trial, she also rebuffed two other motions. One revolved around a description prosecutors made about her former lover and business partner, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, during closing arguments. While the other focused on a dispute over whether the government withheld evidence pertaining to a Theranos database containing the results of its blood tests.

Judge Davila has scheduled Holmes’s sentencing for November 18, where she will receive the punishment for four four felony counts of investor fraud and engaging in a conspiracy with Balwani.

Balwani’s sentencing for his conviction on 12 counts of investor and patient fraud was postponed on Monday and it will take place between November 15 and  December 7