Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency has urgently issued an evacuation order for West Maui as a fast-spreading brush fire threatens the area. The order covers Anapuni Loop to West Mahipulu, stressing the importance of immediate evacuation for families and pets.

Residents are advised to anticipate challenging driving conditions and to heed public safety personnel working in the vicinity, highlighting the critical nature of quick and safe evacuation measures.

Subsequently, the agency conveyed that the order had been lifted as firefighters successfully halted the fire’s progression.

The issued evacuation directive urged residents to prioritize their family and pets’ safety without delay, highlighting the potential challenge of driving in difficult conditions. The order also alerted individuals to be cautious of public safety personnel’s presence in the area.

Earlier this month, the island of Maui experienced devastation due to the deadliest U.S. wildfire in over a century, which swept through Lahaina, resulting in 115 fatalities and leaving 338 people missing. Despite the ongoing efforts of search teams to navigate the ruins of Lahaina, officials reported on Friday that the process is nearing completion.

More details awaited.