A Fire Rescue helicopter from the Broward County Sheriffs’ office crashed in Pompano Beach, Florida, on Monday, which has killed two and injured four people, including 2 crew members and 2 civilians.

The chopper, identified as a Eurocopter EC135, reportedly crashed into an apartment building on North Dixie Highway and Atlantic Boulevard.  According to the family residing in the building, it crashed right into their living room, injuring two. At least four people are being transported to the Broward Health Medical Center. 

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BSO officials say the chopper was heading to a scene in North Lauderdale when it crashed into a one storey apartment block at around 8.45am. As of now, 2 injured crew members have been hospitalized, but are in a non-critical condition. News outlets have obtained footage of the pilots climbing out of the wreckage and walking down a ladder to safety. Reports from officials indicate that there have been 2 casualties, one of whom was onboard the craft and one was on the ground. 

There have been no reports as to the cause of the crash, though the matter remains under investigation as the situation develops. Several residents posted footage of the incident, wherein the helicopter appears to have smoke coming out of its tail and losing control midair before plummeting.

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Eyewitness accounts indicate that the helicopter took off from the west side of the Pompano Beach Airpark, and began to disintegrate before crashing just a few miles away, near the Blanche Ely High School. According to officials, an engine failure occurred approximately two minutes after takeoff, leading to the incident.

Several witnesses heard a loud explosion when the crash occurred, and footage of the charred remains of the helicopter embedded in the roof of the triplex has been widely shared. Residents were evacuated as firefighters worked to extinguish the resulting blaze. 

As a result of the incident, officials have shut down the North Dixie Highway between Northeast Fifth Street and Northeast Tenth Street, and fire rescue crews are continuing to clear the scene.