Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. They took the lives of thousands of people and
emergency officials. Many of these victims still suffer daily from the trauma
experienced in the attacks, the sense of survivor’s guilt, and the injuries
they sustained.

2,979 people were killed in the September 11th
attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and in the United Airlines
Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field. 19 hijackers committed
murder-suicide in the four attacks.

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The youngest
victim was two-year-old Christine Lee Hanson, who died on one of the planes
with her parents. The oldest was
82-year-old Robert Norton, who was on another plane with his wife Jacqueline,
on his way to a wedding.

Following the
attacks, emergency officials rushed to rescue people trapped in the towers. 412
emergency workers and 343 firefighters ended up getting killed in the 9/11

Over 6000 people
were injured on September 11, 2001 in the attacks. Some survived thanks to
the bravery shown by the firefighters that rescued them and others were able to
escape the towers before they collapsed.

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20 years after the
attacks, victims are still being identified. Two victims have recently
been identified, one of whom was Dorothy Morgan, of Hempstead, New York. The
other victim has not been publicly named per request by his family.

Morgan’s identity was verified by DNA testing of remains
discovered in 2001, according to Dr. Barbara A. Sampson, the Chief Medical
Examiner. The identity of the unidentified guy was verified by remains found in
2001, 2002, and 2006.

‘No matter how much time passes since September 11, 2001, we
will never forget, and we pledge to use all the tools at our disposal to make
sure all those who were lost can be reunited with their families.’ Sampson

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The names of all of the people who died on September 11th
can be seen in a memorial located where the World Trade Centre complex once
stood in New York City