The death of 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, has left the United States with a broken heart. The emotions run high as people discover what exactly happened at the Robb Elementary School during the shooting.

Some children stained their clothes with the blood of their friends and played dead to avoid getting shot. Others took them upon themselves to call emergency services and seek help. The young students also saw their teachers being shot down right in front of them.

Visiting a downtown memorial to those killed, Kassandra Johnson of the nearby community of Hondo said she was so worried the day after the attack that she kept her twin boys home from school, Associated Press reported. “Those kids could be my kids,” she said.

Crosses with the names of Tuesday’s shooting victims are placed outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. (Photo Credit: AP)
Lights illuminate a cross made of flowers at a memorial site in Uvalde, Texas. (Photo Credit: AP)
Esmeralda Bravo, 63, sheds tears while holding a photo of her granddaughter Nevaeh. (Photo Credit: AP)
Candles are lit at dawn at a memorial site in the town square for the victims. (Photo Credit: AP)
A woman reacts as she pays her respects at a memorial site. (Photo Credit: AP)
Children pay their respects at a memorial site in Uvalde, Texas. (Photo Credit: AP)
A child writes a message on a cross at a memorial site for the victims. (Photo Credit: AP)