American TV journalist Andrea Mitchell faced criticism on Wednesday, after highlighting that a significant portion of the population considers President Joe Biden’s mental and physical health to be a major concern. 

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The remark made by Mitchell has sparked controversy and attracted attention from various quarters. As several people on the internet highlighted the age factor for her too. Several users on social media have been curious and are asking when is Mitchell retiring as she had a long career in journalism.

However, Regarding her departure from television, Andrea Mitchell hasn’t made any official announcements. On the contrary, she has recently been celebrating major accomplishments in her career. Mitchell was honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award in September 2019 in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the news media industry.


She is 76 years old.

Infamous sleep on air-

Recently, the clips of Mitchell sleeping on air surfaced on social media. After the incident, she was heavily trolled and criticized for her on-air blunder which looked like a genuine mishap.

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Brain Tumor-

Andrea Mitchell revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 7, 2011. Since the cancer was found early on, immediate treatment and care were possible. However, there are several rumors on the internet that she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Though, there are no reports to support the claims.


Andrea Mitchell is a highly regarded American television journalist, anchor, and commentator who primarily works for NBC News in Washington, D.C. She works for NBC News as both the top Washington correspondent and the chief global affairs correspondent. She has covered important events throughout her career, including the 2008 presidential election campaign, for numerous NBC News programs, including Today, MSNBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

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