Former President Donald Trump, who turned 77 on Wednesday, took to Truth Social to write a cryptic post about his trusted aide and co-defendant, Walt Nauta, which had people warning the latter to be wary about the ex-leader’s intentions.

“Many people are saying that the theft of Nuclear and Military Secrets is a very serious crime. That is why as America’s Favorite President, I enforced the USA’s classified document laws very powerfully and very strongly. And that is why when I asked my LOYAL aide Walt Nauta to pick up my Personal Papers before I left the White House, I am Confident he did not place any Nuclear Secrets in the boxes,” Trump wrote in the post.

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He added, “As a Navy man, Walt KNEW that would be illegal and could even get ME in “trouble.” Now Biden’s Radical DOJ alleges that Walt did this, but I DON’T BELIEVE THEM! So let’s just see what Judge Cannon says. Good Luck, Walt! We are behind you all the way!”

A screenshot of the post has gone viral on Twitter and had people saying that Trump was throwing Nauta under the bus and setting him up as the fall guy.

On Tuesday Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 federal criminal charges against him over the handling of the White House classified documents and obstruction of justice.

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As a condition of his release from custody on his own recognizance during the hearing on the 13th floor of the Miami courthouse, Trump has agreed not to talk about his classified documents case with Nauta. Although it is a compromise, it will be impossible to impose on Trump, legal analysts have remarked.

The Truth Social post might be an indirect way that Trump attempted to communicate his thoughts to Nauta without breaking the condition. Nauta remained with Trump after his arraignment as part of his job as the former president’s “body man.” 

Nauta didn’t enter a plea Tuesday. He is charged with conspiring with Trump to obstruct a federal investigation into Trump’s handling of dozens of top-secret documents.