Judge Tanya Chutkan, overseeing former President Donald Trump’s January 6 case in Washington DC, has been accused of intentionally picking March4, 2023, a day before Super Tuesday, as the start date for his trial.

Super Tuesday is the presidential primary election day in the US. It typically falls in February or March when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses. Approximately one-third of all delegates to the presidential nominating conventions can be won on Super Tuesday, more than on any other day.

The Super Tuesday for 2023 falls on March 5, which means that Trump’s trial will start right in the middle of the Republican primary season. Judge Tanya Chutkan turned down his attorneys’ request for a 2026 start date Her reason was that the defense did not need that long to prepare. “Mr. Trump will have to make the trial date work, regardless of his schedule,” Chutkan said. “The defense proposed date of April 2026 is far beyond what is necessary.”

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The Jamaican-born judge is now is being accused by conservatives on social media of deliberately picking that date.

“Is anyone surprised that the Judge set Trumps trial date for the day before Super Tuesday? This is the same Judge who over-sentenced J6 people and worked at the same firm as Hunter Biden. DC is a corrupt cesspool” one of them wrote, while another said, “Judge Chutkan looked at the calendar and just randomly picked March 4, 2024 as the trial date, the day before Super Tuesday. Total coincidence! What an absolute farce.”

A third tweeted, “MARCH 4?!?! The DAY BEFORE Super Tuesday?!?!? Their attempts to interfere with the 2024 presidential election are so brazen it’s disgusting. Judge Chutkan should be thrown off the bench and run for DNC Chair.” A fourth said, “Chutkan officially sets Trump’s trial date for March 4th, 20204. The day before Super Tuesday. This entire thing is Election Interference.”

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A fifth remarked, “Totally not political at all, guys. The Obama appointed judge who used to work at the same law firm as Hunter Biden just set the trial date for the Biden DOJ appointed special counsel, whose wife donated to Joe in 2020, to the day before Super Tuesday. Just a coincidence!”