Justin Mohn, a man from Levittown, Pennsylvania claimed to have decapitated his father in a video that he uploaded on YouTube.

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1. A 14-minute tirade by Mohn advocating for the formation of “Mohn’s Militia” may be seen in an extremely disturbing video, which YouTube has now taken down.

2. His father was a federal employee.

3. Justin Mohn, a 2014 Penn State graduate, has sued the United States four times, claiming negligence for not warning him about the employment challenges he’d face as an “overeducated white man” after taking out student loans for college.

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He alleges the loans have made it difficult for him to find satisfactory employment, leading him to seek over $10 million in damages. His previous lawsuits, based on similar complaints, have been dismissed, with courts ruling that the United States, as a lender, does not owe a fiduciary duty to borrowers like Mohn.