House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy could reportedly be seen laughing loudly as he talked to allies on the floor after losing the majority in the first round of votes for his House Speakership bid on Tuesday, January 3.

After the votes were concluded and McCarthy ended up with a humiliated 203, far short of the required majority of 218, he was seen briefly going to the cloakroom and then coming back on the floor talking to members.

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Members he spoke to included Tom Cole, Tim Burchett and Mike Turner. Meanwhile, the House currently has no speaker. The chamber remains in session and is not in recess. It’s not entirely clear what will happen in the moments between now and the next round of voting.

He did not just make history in the worst way possible way. He also secured far fewer votes than Democratic minority leader Hakim Jeffries. While Jeffries had 212 votes, McCarthy had just 203. Republican strategic thorn Andy Biggs (nominated by Paul Gosar) had 10 votes. Nine lawmakers on the floor supported none of the candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring.

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The vote is poised to go to a second ballot for the first time in 100 years as hard-line GOP members reject McCarthy’s bid.

NBC News Jake Sherman reported that Team McCarthy wanted to move directly into the second ballot, according to sources. Jim Jordan, who backs McCarthy, is trying to swing support behind him and was seen doing the rounds on the floor to whip his supporters.

Six lawmakers voted for Jordan, even though he was not formally on the ballot. It is interesting to note that getting Jordan to turn his supporters instead support McCarthy will also not give the latter requisite 218-vote majority he needs.