A caller
has taken a swipe at US President Joe Biden by dropping an anti-Biden taunt
into their chat during a White House Christmas event on Friday. Biden and First
Lady Jill Biden were hosting the festive call for families when a father told
the president: “Let’s go, Brandon.” Unaware of the jibe, Biden
agreed. The term is code for a profane insult directed at Biden.

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The US
first couple were speaking virtually with children for a White House custom,
tracking the journey of Santa. During Friday’s event in the South Court Auditorium of the executive
mansion, Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden spoke with a family from Oregon:
Griffin, 11, Hunter, three, Piper, four, Penelope, two, and their father,

assume you’re dad,” Joe Biden said.

Yes sir,” replied Jared.

Dad, what do you want for Christmas?” asked Mr Biden.

a quiet night,” he replied laughing.

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The “Let’s Go, Brandon” taunt began at the end of a televised Nascar stock car race in Talladega, Alabama, on
October 2. NBC reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing the winner, driver
Brandon Brown, when members of the crowd in the grandstand behind them began
chanting an obscenity directed at the president. It was clearly picked up on
the broadcast’s audio. Whether by mistake or as an attempt to deflect from the
swearing on live television, Stavast told Brown the crowd was cheering him on
with chants of “Let’s go, Brandon.”

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It then the
meme was born. “You know, Dad, we have a Hunter, too. We have a son named
Hunter and a grandson named Hunter,” the President said.

didn’t know you had a grandson named Hunter, that’s cool,” said Jared.

president asked how old was Griffin.

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11,” Griffin said. He said he wanted a piano.

“I was
going to say he has to cut some trees down to get a piano!,” said Jared.

wanted a Nintendo Switch, Piper wanted a Barbie.

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Then the
chuckling president reminded the children to be in bed by nine o’clock
otherwise Santa might not show up.