A shooting incident occurred outside of a fast-food restaurant in Lewisville on Wednesday. The incident claimed the life of a 17-year-old identified as Skylar Linson.

The Lewisville Police Department received a troubling call stating that a teenager had been shot in the Raisin’ Canes parking lot on West Main Street at around 4:10 p.m.

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Officers arrived and found Skylar Ashton Marquel Linson, 17, suffering from a gunshot wound. It was discovered that Linson had left his car and was walking toward the restaurant when a person in another car pulled up, got out, shot Linson, and then flew off.

Linson was immediately sent to Medical City Lewisville Hospital. Sadly, he died from his wounds. A brief car pursuit that the suspected shooter—also a teenager—started brought law enforcement officers into Carrollton.

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The young suspect eventually came to a stop and turned himself in at the 1800 block of Trinity Mills Road. The person was soon taken into custody by police.

The Lewisville Independent School District quickly after the incident released a statement stating that a student was a part of the off-campus incident.

Matt Martucci, public information officer for the City of Lewisville, in a statement, said, “We have the suspect’s car already towed to impound, so they’ll go through that car as well looking for any other kind of evidence in the vehicle, anything like that, maybe help us find out what led to this.”

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Police have claimed that although they do not yet have a clear motive for the shooting, they do want to speak with the suspect, a minor. Due to the suspect’s age, it is yet unknown whether his name will be made public. While the shooter was not connected to the school, the Lewisville Police Department has confirmed that Skylar Ashton Marquel Linson was a student there.