Memphis Police Department (MPD) issued a public warning after a series of shootings rocked the city, leaving one man dead and several others injured. The suspect, described as a male wearing black clothing, a black ski mask, and purple shoes, is still on the run, prompting a city-wide manhunt.

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The shootings occurred at various locations across Memphis, including East Shelby Drive, Pilot Drive, and Commerce Circle. The violence unfolded with a carjacking incident on the 3700 block of East Shelby Drive, which is believed to be connected to the subsequent shootings.

At the 3834 block of East Shelby Drive, one man was found shot to death, marking the tragic outcome of the gunman’s rampage. Additionally, shots were fired at 3539 Pilot Drive, although no injuries were reported at that location. The most significant incident took place at 3575 Commerce Circle, where seven individuals, including a child and four women, were shot. While one woman remains in critical condition, the others sustained non-critical injuries.

MPD provided a description of the suspect and the vehicle he is believed to be driving: a black ski mask, black clothing, purple shoes, and a white 2016 Dodge Charger with Tennessee tag BPT-4410, which was carjacked from 2765 South Perkins Road.

As the search intensifies, law enforcement agencies from local, state, and federal levels have joined forces to track down the suspect. The multi-jurisdictional manhunt signifies the gravity of the situation and the concerted effort to apprehend the perpetrator.

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The public is urged to remain vigilant and report any sightings or information related to the suspect to 911. With the suspect still at large, the safety and security of the community remain paramount, and cooperation from residents is crucial in aiding law enforcement’s efforts to bring the individual to justice.