Former Vice President Mike Pence disapproves of Donald Trump’s decision to skip the second GOP debate in the 2024 presidential cycle.

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In a notable display of division within the Republican Party, former Vice President Mike Pence has publicly criticized former President Donald Trump’s choice to forego participation in the second GOP primary debate for the 2024 presidential cycle. Pence, who is also seeking the GOP nomination for the same election, expressed his concerns during a recent interview with CBS News.

Pence stated, “I think it’s a missed opportunity for Donald Trump, and I think it’s a missed opportunity for Republican voters.” He highlighted the critical challenges facing the nation, focusing on what he perceives as weaknesses in the Biden administration’s domestic and foreign policies. Pence emphasized that every Republican candidate, including the former president, has a responsibility to communicate their plans for addressing these issues to the American people.

While recent reports confirm Trump’s intention to deliver a speech to autoworkers as an alternative to participating in the debate, Pence remained steadfast in his belief that the debate offered a crucial platform for Trump to present a conservative agenda to voters. He pointed to Trump’s recent comments on the controversial six-week abortion ban in Florida as evidence of the former president’s stance on conservative matters.

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“In 2016, Donald Trump promised to govern as a conservative, and we did govern as conservatives,” Pence asserted. “But he makes no such promise today.”

Trump’s decision to skip the second debate draws parallels with his absence from the first Republican debate, which he justified by citing his leading position in the race and concerns about bias from Fox News Channel. This move raises questions about his strategy for the 2024 election and the dynamics of the GOP nomination race.

As the Republican candidates prepare to vie for the party’s nomination, Pence’s criticism adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing political drama, highlighting the divisions and differing approaches within the GOP.