MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was heavily criticized on Tuesday after she began covering former President Donald Trump’s arraignment.

Many of the viewers who were following the live developments as the 45th POTUS was being arraigned, were frustrated to discover that Mitchell was the one on live coverage of the event on MSNBC. “Andrea Mitchell’s difficulty articulating is painful to watch, but her pro-Republican bias emphasizing Trump’s appeal argument is intolerable. MSNBC, we’re begging you,” one of the users wrote on Twitter.

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Soon enough, more viewers began taking to social media to criticize the anchor.

Three days back Mitchell suggested that her guest on the show, Rep. Adam Schiff was on the list of people fundraising off of Trump’s indictment. On a news segment on her show on Friday, she asked him whether it has “become too political” on Friday.

“Donald Trump is raising, you know, a fortune. More than a million dollars, a million and a half or more, just on the threat of the indictment,” she said. “Large number of politicians, you know, are doing that. You’re fundraising on it.”

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Schiff replied: “Look, I think that this is going to be certainly a political issue in terms of defending the rule of law. On the one side in terms of, I think, subverting the rule of law on the other. But the most important point for me is that this is a affirmation of the fact that no one should be above the law, and that we are all held to account. But this is someone who has escaped accountability now for years and years.”

Trump arrived at the Manhattan court on Tuesday and his arraignment is currently ongoing.