My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will contest for Republican
Committee chair next year, in an attempt to make election denial the party’s key focus, a longshot challenge to current RNC chair and Trump ally Ronna McDaniel’s run for re-election after a poor GOP performance in midterms this year.

In 2017, Donald Trump selected
McDaniel. He is running for a fourth term in January.

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Lindell made the announcement on an online show hosted by
former Trump advisor Steve Bannon. In an interview with CBS News, Lindell said
he was unsatisfied with the party’s performances in the 2018, 2020, and 2022
elections, in which the Republic Party failed to maintain or regain control of
both houses of the federal legislature.

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Lindell said the party didn’t lend enough support to
candidates who made false voter fraud allegations the centerpieces of their
campaigns this year, including Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake,
Arizona secretary of state nominee Mark Finchem, and Michigan attorney general
candidate Matt DePerno—all of whom lost.

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“I’m all in … and one of the things that one of the big
donors said to me, he said, Mike, everybody wants you to be head of the RNC,
some of them just don’t know it yet,” Lindell said on Steve Bannon’s War Room

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According to a report in Axios, Lindell confirmed that he
has not spoken to former President Donald Trump about his decision. He is a
close Trump ally and has denied that the current President Joe Biden fairly won
the 2020 presidential election. Lindell is under Justice Department scrutiny over
the alleged breach of a voting system and had his phone seized by the FBI in a
Hardee’s parking lot.

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Lindell isn’t the only possible candidate apart from
McDaniel. Another challenger could come into play if Rep. Lee Zeldin from New
York announces his intention to contest.