A recent social media frenzy sparked by a Twitter user known as “Mexican Rug Dealer” (@DealinRugs) has led to a chain of humorous events centered around an alleged flooding incident at the Wilshire/Vermont Los Angeles Metro Station. Despite the claims, it’s important to clarify that the station is not experiencing any flooding related to the ongoing storm.

The catalyst for this amusing misunderstanding was a tweet by @DealinRugs, which initially announced, “The LA Metro Station on Wilshire/Vermont is flooding from the storm.” This proclamation swiftly caught the attention of Twitter users, sparking a whirlwind of reactions.

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In a comical twist, @DealinRugs later admitted to spreading a fabricated story. Their follow-up tweet stated, “I posted Earthquake part of the Universal Studios Hollywood tour saying that an LA Metro station was flooding and a journalist actually believed it.” This confession offered a glimpse into the amusing aftermath of the initial claim.

Exploiting the confusion they had created, @DealinRugs continued to play along by posting a video from the Universal Studios Hollywood tour, falsely asserting that it depicted flooding at an LA Metro station. The results were astonishing, as the misdirection led to Universal Studios trending on social media platforms. “@DealinRugs” gleefully tweeted, “I posted a video of Earthquake from Universal Studios Hollywood and captioned it that an LA Metro station got flooded, and now Universal Studios is trending.”

In response to the growing online saga, the LA Metro had to issue a statement to quash the rumors.

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While the miscommunication caused amusement, it also serves as a reminder to exercise caution and verify information before accepting it as fact, particularly in the age of viral trends and instantaneous sharing.