A horrific shooting incident occurred at a house in Mansfield, Ohio on Friday. The incident happened at a Halloween party and claimed the lives of two teens and injured four others.

This event happened on Friday at roughly 11:40 p.m., and the Mansfield Division of Police is looking into it right now.

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This terrible event happened over the weekend before Halloween at a house party for teens. Two young lives were lost as a result, and four more were hurt. Unfortunately, as of Saturday morning, the suspect is still at large.

Guns and drugs have been confirmed to have been removed from the site, according to Mansfield police.

The ages of the victims in this terrible shooting were 17 and 18, respectively.

Officers arrived at the location shortly after several emergency calls reporting gunfire and people running from the property.

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All of the victims were there at the home party around 810 Ferndale Road when the event happened. Within the residence, two individuals, ages 17 and 18, were discovered dead, and two more were sent right away to the hospital. The other victims range in age from fourteen to nineteen.

Authorities from Mansfield Police said, “According to witness statements, several persons left the scene in cars and on foot. Partygoers were unable to provide a detailed description of the suspect, suspects, or any cars.”

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Lieutenant Robert J. Skropits made a plea to the public to help identify the people who committed these heinous crimes.

Meanwhile, according to Toronto police, two separate shooting events occurred overnight that resulted in the hospitalization of two males, one of whom had life-threatening injuries.

Around 11 p.m., there was a shooting incident in the area of Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Boulevard West. After a report of gunshots in the neighborhood reached the authorities, a shot guy in his 30s showed up at a Toronto hospital by himself. Thankfully, it is determined that his wounds are not life-threatening.