Donald Trump, the
former US President who has been banned by various social media companies, has
decided to launch his own social media channel called — TRUTH Social. Making
the announcement on Wednesday, Donald Trump said that his purpose in launching
the “TRUTH Social” app is to compete with tech giants who have denied him the
megaphone that was critical to his rise.

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The former
further said that he was excited to post his first TRUTH on TRUTH
social “very soon” and the app would “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech”. The
app is expected to have a soft launch next month.

“We live in a
world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favourite
American President has been silenced,” Trump said in his statement adding “this
is unacceptable”.

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Twitter users went
into a tizzy after Trump’s announcement. Film director Jeremy Newberger wrote: “Starting
a rival social media company called TRUTH Social to stick it to Big Tech, by
selling it on the Apple store, is lying trying to stop election interference,
by physically going to the Capitol to stop a free and fair election.”

Another user
wrote: “I just told my wife that that Trump is starting a social media company
called Truth Social and she started cracking up immediately. “That’s the
opposite of fake news!”

Yet, there were
others who saw hope in Donald Trump’s new enterprise. “TRUTH Social is going to
Make Social Media Great Again!” wrote a user while author Nick Adams wrote that
he was excited for Truth Social.  

Donald Trump’s
decision to start his own social media company comes after all major social
platforms banned the former US president after his supporters stormed the
Capitol on January 6 this year. While Twitter has permanently banned Donald Trump
from the platform, Facebook will only allow him to return to the platform in
2023. YouTube said the ban on Trump will be lifted after the “risk of violence
has decreased”.