Russian President Vladimir Putin could read former US President Donald Trump’s characters and beliefs, claimed son, Eric Trump while speaking to Sean Hannity of Fox News. 

Eric Trump spoke to Hannity on Monday, insisting Putin could tell Donald Trump was a “strong person”. Trump’s son further said Putin’s ability to read Trump came from the former’s time at KGB, the security agency in the Soviet Union. 

He also echoed his father’s views that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president. Eric Trump also said “Putin was in with the KGB, he can read people and he could tell Donald Trump was a very strong person”, and added, “My father was tested, Sean. Kim Jong-Un tried to do it, as you remember very well”. 

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The former president’s son continued, “What did my father say? ‘Kim you mess around with us, you will be met with fire and fury the likes of which you have never seen before.’ [Donald Trump] talked about the button on his desk actually working and then a couple of months later they are shaking hands in North Korea and the relationship was perfect after that. He was tested, he showed backbone, he showed strength, he represented what America should be. Biden does the exact opposite of that every single day”.

In the same interview, Eric Trump went on to criticize how the current administration has handled the situation. When Hannity claimed President Joe Biden could take a tougher stance against Putin, Eric Trump agreed, saying “It seems to me, if Vladimir Putin mentions the words nukes or you read all these reports that they might use chemical weapons or bioweapons or cyberattacks, rather than say ‘we’ll do that to you if you ever dare touch us,’ it seems like Joe [Biden] gets afraid. My father would have called up and said ‘Vladimir don’t even think about it, don’t even try us, it is not going to work out very well for you”.

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He added, “When Putin is watching him drone generals like [Quassem] Soleimani, when he is watching us drop MOAB bombs on top of terrorist camps, people knew that Donald Trump was very serious and unpredictable. Donald Trump was incredibly strong and he would fight for this country”. 

Trump on several previous occasions has claimed Putin wouldn’t invade Ukraine if he were president, wherein he also praised the Russian president for the way he sent troops into Ukraine.