Russia publicly protested the US’ continuous shipping of weaponry to Ukraine this week, writing a diplomatic note to the State Department warning of “unpredictable consequences” if the support continues, according to two US officials and another source familiar with the document, reported CNN.

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The memo, known as a démarche, was issued earlier this week, as the government was about to announce a fresh $800 million military aid package for Ukraine. The document was initially reported on by the Washington Post.

For the first time, the US has decided to equip Kyiv with high-power capabilities that certain officials in US President Joe Biden’s cabinet deemed too risky a few weeks ago, including 11 Mi-17 helicopters, 18 155 mm Howitzer artillery, and 300 additional Switchblade drones.

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According to a person familiar with the Russian diplomatic statement, Moscow is anticipated to protest the shipments, although it is unclear whether this implies Russia would change its behaviour in any manner. However, this individual recognised that it could portend a more aggressive Russian posture toward the US and NATO as the war progresses.

According to previous CNN reports, the US believes Russian President Vladimir Putin’s risk tolerance has increased, and that he may be inclined to take more aggressive measures against the US in retaliation for its backing of Ukraine.

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When asked for reaction, a US official stated that “we won’t confirm any private diplomatic correspondence. What we can confirm is that, along with Allies and partners, we are providing Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of security assistance, which our Ukrainian partners are using to extraordinary effect to defend their country against Russia’s unprovoked aggression and horrific acts of violence.”