Russian forces have deployed into Ukraine‘s eastern territory, which Russia has now acknowledged as “independent,” according to the Prime Minister of NATO member Latvia and sources familiar with the latest US intelligence assessments.

“According to the information at my disposal, Putin is moving additional forces and tanks into the occupied Donbas territories,” Latvian Prime Minister Arturs Krijnis Karins spoke with CNN’s Jim Sciutto on Wednesday. “By any definition that’s a crossing of a sovereign territory into a neighboring country.”

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When asked if he was referring to the entry of extra Russian forces since Moscow recognised the two breakaway territories earlier this week, Karins responded, “Yes, according to the information at my disposal, this is exactly what we’re seeing.”

Additional Russian forces have crossed the border into the Donbas region, according to two CNN sources familiar with US intelligence, since Russian President Vladimir Putin recognised the two regions and issued an order deploying “peacekeepers” into the Donbas on Tuesday. Russia has sent one to two battalion tactical units, Russia’s main combat organisation, each with an average of approximately 800 personnel, CNN reported from unverified sources.

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According to Ukrainian, US, and western officials familiar with the situation, the US has sent a new warning to the Ukrainian government, stating that the newest intelligence points to an imminent full-scale Russian invasion.

According to three other CNN sources, the latest warning was delivered on Tuesday morning local Kyiv time. Ukraine has not validated the intelligence, according to a senior Ukrainian official, who also pointed out that the US has before provided similar warnings for assaults that never materialised.

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According to a NATO military officer, CNN reports, NATO countries have received a similar intelligence assessment warning of an impending strike. “No one knows for sure” what Putin will do, the person said.