Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III has been transferred to the critical care unit at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center following symptoms suggesting an emergent bladder issue, the Pentagon confirmed on Sunday.

The 70-year-old Austin was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Sunday afternoon after being transported by his security detail. The Pentagon stated that Austin will remain under close monitoring and receive supportive care until his health issues are resolved.

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This recent hospitalization comes just weeks after Austin underwent surgery for early-stage prostate cancer. In December, he underwent a minimally invasive surgical procedure at Walter Reed after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Despite his health challenges, the Pentagon assured that Austin’s cancer prognosis remains excellent.

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks has assumed Austin’s duties in his absence. The White House, Joint Chiefs, and Congress have been notified of the situation.

Austin addressed concerns over his health earlier this month, admitting that he should have been more transparent about his cancer diagnosis. He expressed regret for not informing President Biden and the public sooner, acknowledging the need for transparency regarding the health of government leaders.

The defense secretary’s recent hospitalization has prompted the cancellation of his scheduled trip to Brussels, Belgium, where he was set to attend a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group. Instead, the meeting will be held virtually.

Hospital officials at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center stated that they do not anticipate a prolonged hospital stay for Austin and expect him to resume his normal duties soon. However, the transfer to the critical care unit signifies the seriousness of his current medical condition.

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As updates on Secretary Austin’s condition become available, the Pentagon pledges to provide further information to the public and wishes him a speedy recovery.