A video of President Joe Biden sunbathing on a Delaware beach shirtless went viral over the weekend.

The verified Twitter account of RNC Research, which shared the video of the POTUS taking a much-needed break, attempted to taunt the Democratic leader by saying, “Biden has spent 353 days — 39.2% of his presidency — on vacation.”

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The video showed a relaxed Biden wearing just a pair of shorts relaxing in an easy beach chair, soaking up the sun. He appears to check his watch for the time at one point before closing his eyes and relaxing. After a while, he was seen sitting up in the chair and checking his phone. He had his aviators on as he gazed out into the beach to observe the people around at some point.

He was also seen walking around the beach with a cap and a white and green striped towel on his shoulder. Some Secret Service men followed Biden, dressed for the occasion, wearing casual clothes instead of their usual black suits.

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The video went viral with over five million views on it. The video was heavily trolled online. Here are some of the reactions:

However, there were those who defended the president taking a break.

“Joe Biden went to the beach with his family on the weekend following Independence Day. Presidents spend a good deal of time away from the White House. Smartphones exists. We have supercomputers of the Bush era in our pockets. Give the dude a break. And if you are attacking him because he walks slow, I know 60 year old men with bad backs who do as well. It has no impact on one’s ability to lead a country. Now imagine if he was going home each weekend where people, including foreign nationals, paid a $200,000 membership fee to see him and play golf at his course,” journalist Brian Krassenstein wrote.