Following incumbent President Donald
Trump’s electoral controversy, tens of thousands of supporters of Donald Trump
have started shifting from Fox News to more localized and right-wing news
channels like OAN and Newsmax, who have not yet called the Preisdential race
for the current president-elect Joe Biden.

One America News Network (OAN) anchor
Christina Bobb claimed that Democrats planned a coup on the president of the
United States.

“We have not called the election for Biden
because we believe it is a very close race,” Chris Ruddy, founder and CEO of
Newsmax, another conservative channel on the rise, was quoted by AFP as saying.

The move has had its effect on Trump
supporters disagreeing and disillusioned with the stance from Fox News, who,
according to a large part of the demographic, should’ve continued supporting
the 45th President of the United States and did not do right by
officially declaring his defeat.

According to OAN President Charles
Herring, former Fox viewers have written to him, expressing their
disappointment in the network’s turn towards the left.

Trump himself has invited supporters to switch
to Newsmax and OAN, saying that the difference between 2016 election and 2020
election was Fox’s stance.

According to Kevin Arceneaux, professor
of political science at the Temple University, there is a distinct difference
between the two. NewsMax is closer to Fox News in its editorial approach, with
some semblance of journalistic standards.

OAN, however, he claims is a completely
different ball-game.

Arceneaux terms OAN as a “a place for
far-right leaning conspiracy theories, an echo chamber.”

Recently a good number of Republican
leaders have agreed to speak on the two platforms, including Trump, who has
given interviews to both of them.