Almost 700 passengers were evacuated from New York’s Staten Island ferry after a fire broke out in the mechanical room of the ferry on Thursday. No one was injured.

According to the Fire department of New York units responded to a call just after 5 p.m. Thursday about a fire in the mechanical room. The boat was on its way to the outer borough when the fire broke out. It prompted a massive rescue effort as first responders rushed to the burning boat, which had been anchored in the harbor just off the pier. Firefighters fought the blaze and they contained the fire to the engine room.

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The 688 passengers on board were given life jackets and were seen in videos being circulated online, lining up to be evacuated. However, only some were evacuated from the vessel into tug boats and transported to the St. George ferry terminal in Staten Island.

Passengers who chose to remain on board after the fire had been extinguished were taken to the Staten Island terminal by another vessel.

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Most passengers aboard the ferry remained calm despite the emergency situation. A Facebook live stream done by Sal Chatman Morando, a Staten Island resident, and Manhattan doorman, who was one of the passengers onboard the ferry showed how the evacuation proceeded. He said that a man had started screaming that there was “heavy, heavy” smoke coming from the bottom of the boat. I thought he was crazy, I thought there’s no way,” Morando recounted.

Rescue teams have to deal with low visibility and mostly relied on the radar to reach the ferry. Morando said that he was stuck on the boat for nearly two hours. When the ferry approached the terminal, the remaining passengers were asked to sit on the ground and brace for impact.