Steve Scalise’s anti-mask tweet has gone viral years later, after he wore a mask on House floor while undergoing cancer treatment.

Social media users have since been calling him out on his hypocrisy.

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House Republican Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., returned to the Capitol for the first time since his recent cancer diagnosis. Scalise, who was diagnosed with blood cancer three weeks ago, has begun chemotherapy, and his doctor is reportedly encouraged by his progress.

Speaking to reporters, Scalise mentioned that his treatments are going well but explained that his protocols will be different for the next few months because cancer affects the immune system. He noted that he is about three weeks into his chemotherapy treatment and will continue to work closely with his doctors.

Despite his health challenges, Scalise has been keeping up with House Republican committee chairs and staying informed about House activities. He expressed gratitude for the support and prayers he has received from colleagues and well-wishers, emphasizing that the prayers give him strength.

Scalise’s diagnosis comes after he survived a shooting in June 2017 when a gunman opened fire during a practice session for the congressional baseball game. He was critically injured in the attack and did not return to the House until September of that year.

Multiple Myeloma, the blood cancer Scalise has been diagnosed with, is treatable. He mentioned that advances in medicine allow him to undergo outpatient chemotherapy treatment, even from his Capitol office.

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Scalise also shared that it was his wife who initially noticed something was wrong with his health. She urged him to seek medical attention after observing changes in his appetite and overall well-being during a political trip in August. After tests confirmed the diagnosis, Scalise credited his wife for her vigilance and humorously acknowledged that sometimes we don’t listen to our bodies as well as those who care about us.